Imaid X20 Advanced AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

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Introducing our cutting-edge self-cleaning station, equipped with advanced features for unparalleled cleaning efficiency. With 6-in-1 omni cleaning and automatic dust collection in just 10 seconds, maintaining a spotless home has never been easier. Our station boasts precise navigation powered by LDS technology, ensuring smart route planning for thorough cleaning. The dual spin-mop module effortlessly tackles stubborn stains, while the liftable mop prevents secondary pollution. Enjoy precise mopping without worrying about staining your carpets, thanks to our carpet detection technology. Powered by a BLDC motor, our station delivers powerful suction, all housed in a slim body design to minimize missed spots. Take control with our intuitive app, allowing for smart and efficient cleaning from anywhere. Plus, with a 180-minute long-lasting battery and auto-recharging capabilities, our station can cover an impressive 300m² cleaning area, providing unmatched convenience and performance.



Navigation Type: Lidar+ gyroscope+infrared navigation

Color: white, black(customized)

Type: Button control+Wifi APP

Material: ABS +tempered glass panel

Side brush: 2

Roller brush:1

Units size (main body size):  Station- 400*445*472mm

Robot Vacuum- 350*350*97mm

N.W: 10kg(robot vacuum)

3.5kg( dust collectio box)

Unit Average Power: Station-1000W

Robot vacuum- 50W

Motor: Brushless

Suction: Station: 30Kpa

Robot vacuum: 6000pa

Noise: ≤65dB

Dust Capacity: Station Dust bag : 3.5L

Robot vacuum 400mL

Water Tank Capacity(clean water): Station: 4L

Robot vacuum: 250mL

Dirty water tank: 4L

Filter: 3 layer,filter net(washable)+filter cotton(unwashable)+ HEPA (unwashable)

Climbing Angle: 15°

Cleaning modes( 4 modes): Zig-zag cleaning; Edge cleaning;signal room cleaning,spot cleaning

Charging mode: Auto charging/ Manual charge

Input voltage: 14.4V, 100-240V

Battery: Lithium battery 5200mAh

Charge Time: 4-5hrs

Working Time: 180 minutes

Package size: 450 * 510 * 520mm

Gross Weight: 19kg

Net weight: 14kg

Warranty: 12 months

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 45 × 51 × 52 cm


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