Swimming Pool Cleaner Automatic Vacuum Floor Climb Wall Suction Ground 10M Hose

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No one loves a dirty pool. And no one really enjoys cleaning a dirty swimming pool. Unless it is with our hardworking Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner. Just connect the supplied hose to your existing filtration system (minimum power of 0.75hp/550W or flow rate of flow rate 6m3/hr) and let the cleaner does its magic as it whirls, scrubs and sucks up all the dirt, algae, debris, leaves and bugs lining your pool floor and walls with wide abandon. The finned disc ensures no pool finish, such as concrete, plaster, aggregates, tile or fibreglass, is too hard for it to adhere to. Plus, its anti-stick design and unique rotation foot means every random corner and surface of your pool is cleaned without missing any spot. Need more suction power? Simply adjust the speed regulator to increase its suction as it sweep-cleans both above ground and in-ground pools with total ease. The pool cleaner has a working depth of between 0.8m and 3m. Not least, the pool cleaner requires little maintenance and works in virtually silent mode


Automatic pool cleaning system

Suitable for above ground and in-ground pools*

Requires pump of minimum power 0.75hp /550W or flow rate 6m3/hr (1600gal/hr)

Automatic regulator valve

Speed regulator

Anti-stick design

Unique rotation foot

Suitable for 0.8m to 3m deep pools

Note: Store cleaner away from the sun when not being used.


Hose length: 12pcs x 80cm

Assembly time: Approx. 15mins

Assembly required: Yes

Number of packages: 1

*May not be suitable for some pebble and splash pools

Package Content:

1 x Pool Cleaner

1 x 12Pcs x 80cm Hose

1 x User Manual

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 83 × 41 × 17 cm


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