Leg Massager Heated Air Compression Foot Massage Calf Circulation Muscles Relax

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1. This leg massager is designed to simulate hands squeezing, it helps to relax our legs. It doesn’t vibrating or kneading, and there are no rollers inside.

2. Please consult a doctor if you are pregnant, have skin infections, have high blood pressure, use a pacemaker or have any other serious medical condition.

3. Please do not use the leg massager when charging.

All Around Massage for Calves & Ankles Leg massager warp your leg, calves or ankles, loosens stiff muscles, relieves fatigue. The 20-minute automatic switch-off is very suitable for the elderly.

Adjustable Size Leg Wraps The leg massager wraps can be adjusted via the velcro, also you can easily change the wrap size and intensity to fit your legs.

3 Modes and 3 Massage Intensities The leg massager with the portable controller built in the leg wrap makes it easy to change modes and intensity. You’re sure to find the right combination of mode and intensity for your preference. It is easy to use and suitable for different people to do massage at home, in the office or when traveling.

Charging Design It can be powered by any USB device (5V/1A adapter). It serves as a great travel companion equipped with a power bank. The completely portable design allows you to use this leg massager at the gym, at home or while traveling. A 20-minute auto shut-off maximizes battery life while ensuring a comfortable and safe user experience.

Perfect for Home or Office Foot and Leg Massage The leg massager is a perfect gift for parents, family, friends and elders. Mother’s Day gift for mom, This leg massager is good to use at home and office or when traveling. If you have any problem in using, please contact us.

Installation Guide

Note: Please do not use while charging

01. Make sure the controller has power. When the battery runs out, please charge it.

Note: Powered by a 5V/1A adapter

02. Put on the leg massager. Adjust the calf wrap to a suitable size.

03. Don’t wear too tight. It is recommended to leave a gap to put 4 fingers in, or choose the lowest intensity when you feel strong.

04.Press the power button to massage.

05.If you feel tight. You can leave more gaps. When you can’t feel the intensity. You can readjust the calf wrap. Or if you are skinny. You can put a cloth in your leg and wear the massager.

Troubleshooting Guide

Q1: Powerful / uncomfortable / painful / firm / strong

A1: May wear the wraps too tight. When you wear the product, it is recommended to leave a gap to put 4 fingers inside.

A2: Can choose the highest intensity first – Choose the lower intensity first.


For calves and legs

3 Air Compression levels (light, normal, strong) Integrated lithium battery 2,500 mAh, 3.7 V

Including USB Type-C cable for charging

Material: 100% polyester + plastic

Not washable

Size 345*620*310mm

Package Included:

1* Leg Massager

1 x USB Type-C cable

1 * User Manual

It will be a good choice if you want to travel. So you can relax the muscles when you return to the hotel with tired legs.

If the customer change their mind and want to cancel the order, please contact us within 2-3 hours after placing the order. Or, once the package is dispatched, we won’t be able to intercept packages in transit. Please understand.

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Dimensions 36 × 17 × 7 cm


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